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About Us

Founded in 1989 by the late Michael Kirk (1958-1997) as the dream of an obsessive-compulsive gourmet! Nothing upset Michael more than a stale or poorly prepared cup of coffee following the experience of a fine meal. Michael's lifelong dream was to have all coffee drinkers enjoy a freshly roasted cup of coffee.

After months of research he realized that great coffee starts with the perfect coffee roaster. In 1989, he started roasting coffee BEANS with a used, manually operated coffee roaster in his unheated barn-garage in Eliot, Maine.

Michael (the Perfectionist) always insisted upon providing the best possible product. Thus, he only used 100% high altitude grown arabica beans and only roasted in small batches. There are cheaper beans, but none can match the quality of 100% arabica beans.

Shortly before Michael’s health failed him, he partnered with his brother and moved to Dover, NH - a modern 9,300 square-foot facility capable substantial growth, thus taking the company into the next century. When Michael saw the new facility and what his company had become - he saw the reality of his life’s dream.