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Money-Back Guarantee If a Piscataqua Coffee ever fails to meet your expectation, for any reason, we will gladly replace it or refund your money in full.

Piscataqua Coffee is committed to making your coffee purchasing experience as
convenient as possible.
Fax your order to
(603) 740-5067. Phone us at 1-800-797-JAVA (1-800-797-5282). Or order online.




Piscataqua Coffee Roasting Company brings you the finest and most exciting coffees in the world, roasted to perfection and delivered to you at peak freshness. We strive for excellence in all our products and with all our customers.

Our coffee beans are freshly roasted daily. We can roast in modest quantities so you can be assured our products are the freshest and most delicious you can buy.

Fax orders to (603) 740-5067
Phone orders (800) 797-JAVA
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100% Arabica

Roasted fresh daily
Whole bean or ground
Free travel mug with each order

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Brewing Tips
Anyone can brew a consistently great cup of coffee.
Keep your equipment must be spotless. Sediment in the pot can produce a bitter taste.
Have the freshest and highest quality coffeestock, which we carry. Use filtered spring water; tap water can contain impurities, which affect the taste.
Select the proper grind for your brewing method. Grinding should accomodate the brewing time and temperature that will be used. If you like it strong, use a fine grind.


Featured Coffees
Italian Roast
A tremendous dark roast. Heavy yet mild, with a fabulous smokey finish. Perfect black, on ice, or with cream. 1/2 lb.-$5.85  1 lb.-$10.45  

La Minita Terrazu
Tangy, clean and refreshing with a medium body, pointed acidity, and a uniquely soft, sweet aftertaste of dark chocolate. 1/2 lb.-$7.50  1-$15.00  

Piscataqua Coffee roasts Arabica beans, exclusively. These are the richest, most aromatic, coffee species. Grown in the high tropics at high elevations, gourmet beans mature more slowly and develop a subtle depth of flavor unrivaled by other coffee varieties. Arabica coffees also are naturally lower in caffeine than the inferior species robusta, which is seen in supermarket brands.